Personal Narrative: Family And Leukemia Type A.

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When I was about 8 years old, my little sister Erica was feeling sick. My mother took her to all the hospitals in Georgetown, and Round Rock Texas. They didn't find anything wrong. All the doctors would say it was a stomach bug.
Erica wasn't eating for days and running a fever; so my mom took her to Austin Brackenridge Hospital. The doctor had told my mother that she had just made it in time; if she wouldn't have taken her in, she could have died. That morning, the doctor started to take her blood work, X-rays, and other tests. That's when they found out she had leukemia type A. She was only 5 years old. My mother and sister had to stay in the hospital for months because she was so ill that she couldn't go home.
My parents had separated at the time, so we had been living with my mother, her second husband and their two children. I was always helping out with my step brothers, and things around the house, because my mother was always at the hospital with my little sister, and couldn't come home. It was too far from home. At the time, we lived in Jarrell, Texas. Erica had to go to chemo and get blood transfusions. She lost her hair because of the therapy. I didn't know how to take it because I was so young. I was scared to lose the only sister I had.
Months and then years passed. Her doctor wanted her to do a spinal
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As the doctors and nurses were getting her for the big surgery the next day, my sister came back with nothing wrong with her own blood cells. it was a miracle. She was walking, singing and we were like, “Erica, are u feeling okay?” She said, “Yeah, I'm in no pain; I feel just fine!” Her doctor checked her blood cells and her vital signs. Everything was great. Her doctors from Dells Children said it was a miracle to see her back on her feet. Even though she was off her chemo, she still has to keep checking in every year to make sure she is doing
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