Personal Narrative: Fang

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As I am preparing myself to close the doors of this chapter and open the next chapter in life, I can not help but cry at how amazing the Lord has been in my life. Through all of my struggles and disobedience, the Lord never ceased to show me His Love and Mercy.

Recently, Puckett High had its last game for the 2016 football season. My first “last” of the year. The last time for me to suit up as Fang at 2:00 to attempt to pep up the crowd. The last time for me to suit up as Fang 20 minutes before game time. The last time Carlee would be in Fang at a football with Puckett. The last time I would have the opportunity in Fang to answer the most random questions like “Can I touch your tail?” or “Will you come to my house and play?” Being Fang has taught me so much about myself and others. Fang has taught me to be patient. In times when I really wanted water, I waited because a child’s smile is worth so much more. So many children told me that I, Fang, was their best friend. They would talk about hanging out with Fang from the time they left on Friday night until the time they would return the next week. I made connections with many children. Some even being from the other team’s school. But children do not care if it is their school mascot, they just need love and affection. There were a few times I got called a dog and occasionally a fox. One of the main downfalls of being Fang was not the heat, but the times when little children were not able to grasp the concept that I was just a girl. My only intentions were to fail at doing cartwheels to make the crowd laugh or pep up crowd by doing the worm. Fang will forever be one of my favorite high school memories. Honestly, I will not
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In the bible, it talks about the little children running to Him to listen to His stories and wanting His love. Just as the little children ran to Fang on Friday nights, I encourage you to run to Jesus with open arms. He is waiting for
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