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Personal Narrative - Father A sudden change in colour had awoken me. Orangeflashed over my eyelids. I squinted, this light is what disturbed me. As I gradually widened the gap for my eyes to peer through, I noticed that a streak of radiant orange had appeared through a slit between the curtains that had obviously not been properly drawn together. The curtains seemed to be a fair distance away so I opted for the easier alternative. I twisted my body so I now had my back to the window. I tried to get back to sleep, but I could feel the intensity of the suns rays on my shoulder that had broke through into my room. Annoyed at this, I turned once again and lay on my back. I took a deep breath, and…show more content…
Still feeling the tiredness, but also knowing that getting back to the state that I was about ten minutes ago would prove to be more unlikely as the seconds and minutes ticked by. Perhaps it was too silent, which made me think, about something. I had been lying in bed for what seemed to me to be a long time. But I couldn't know for sure. I didn't care, I was enjoying myself. Lying there, still with not a worry or thought in my mind. I knew it wouldn't last for long. Why should I deserve peace and quiet? After all, I had already had my sleep. I sighed once again, this time in annoyance. Damn noise. I had a relatively good idea of what the noise was. It was familiar in my head. At first I thought an engine? I decided that it was time for me to awake and get on with it, instead of lying in bed. After all, I wasn't going to be left alone. I don't deserve that, do I? It was noticeable yet still. This was caused by the window that stood between me and the outside. It cut out some of the noise. Shame it didn't do the same with light. Damn light. I realized that I had been delaying myself from moving. I was still tired, but finally managed to persuade myself to shuffle my body and as a result of that I swung my legs over the side of the bed and sat up on the edge. Once again the sun had crept up my body and this time penetrated my pupil, causing my
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