Personal Narrative: Finding Out

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Finding Out
“ENGLAND, We are moving, new school, new everything, ENGLAND,” shouted through my head and all of a sudden I was awake. It was just a dream I told myself, but then I looked at my room and there were boxes everywhere.I layed back down and screamed into my pillow until I fell back asleep again. I woke up with a giant migraine and then it hit me, I only had two days to enjoy the last of my town and friends before I leave. So I better enjoy it while I can. School was only a week away and we are still unpacking our new house. It’s first day of school for me, but as I walked to it I could sense the school glaring at me. I did not know anything and all I knew was that my adoptive parents for some reason put me in the most expensive
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So you were born here and then at 1 years old your parents moved to that tiny town in the middle of nowhere to get rid of all the people.” Alexia snapped, “What.” Grandma continued, “ When they moved we had a deal that when you turned 15 that they would move back so I could start teaching you how to take control over our business after I step off the set. So when they died in the crash I sent these two up there because I knew them really good and they always wanted to have kids. So I told them when you're turned 15 they would bring you up here and I would tell you everything.” Alexia groan, “So let me see here I am 15 and suppose to take over some family business that I don’t even know what I have to do. Then why haven’t I been told anything about it and why I have never seen you guys in my life?” Grandma said, “ Yes and here let me tell you our family business and why everyone at school wants to be your friend.” Alexia sighed, “ Okay let's hear it.” Grandma started, “ Okay so you know how there are royals here and how you saw your full name on that royals book. Well you are suppose to be the new Princess.” Alexia gasped, “ What and how is this possible.” Grandma said, “ Well you see your parents moved away so you can have a normal life before you turned 15, but they died and could not tell you so I am doing that for them and now you can get to know me.” Alexia said, “ Okay then when do I start because I always wondered why mom and dad kept me in private schools and always watch me close outside.” Grandma recalled, “ Well your training will start tomorrow right after school and don’t tell anyone at school if they
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