Personal Narrative: Finding The Right Place To Work

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I was four months out of high school: no car, and no job. Finding the right place to work was a challenge. Thankfully, I landed upon a position at a pizza joint known as Little Caesars. It was conveniently close to where I lived; therefore, I did not have to depend on my parents for transportation. I found peace in walking to work and getting myself where I needed to go without help. That peace and self security soon became violated as danger decided to walk itself into my life. The sun rose, and so did I. Yet another day of work shortly ahead of me. I threw on my old blue jeans stained with pizza sauce: work shirt, hat, and vans. There was not much to the work uniform, but good enough to get pizza decorated and baked to perfection. I made my way out of the door and began my daily routine walk to work. It was a beautiful morning. Traffic remained at a minimum as I ventured across the road. That became the least of my worries as I approached Little Caesars. From a distance I watched my manager walking to her car as she made the daily bank trip for a money drop and pickup. She was a hard working woman, always ready to manage and get the job done. I became suspicious as I observed two men with black hoodies and dark complexions posted on the…show more content…
This life lesson has taught me to always expect the unexpected. I learned how to prevent myself from being in a situation such as this by doing my research on the history of where I am going and the violence in the area. I maintain situational awareness and self control by utilizing those skills in my everyday life. I do so in order to hopefully prevent or avoid being in a situation such as this again. Beyond this extremely life-threatening situation, I continue to value life and what it has to offer me. The good and bad are always accepted because I perceive them both as an open opportunity to learn and grow within myself and with
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