Personal Narrative: Finding Yourself

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Finding Yourself “Sam, you have cancer” Dr. Kimmel told me with a tone that absorbed all of the energy in me like a black hole. I could feel all the happiness I once had slowly drain from me mentally, and I knew the physical part of me soon would start to fade. My family stood there in complete shock, soon after, my wife fell to her knees and filled the room with tears. My mind was racing, I lost all sense of who I was because I felt as if it didn't matter since I was going to die anyways. I didn't just have cancer, I had stage 4 brain cancer and nothing I could do, or anyone, would fix this. I knew it was bad when the MRI scans showed a massive tumor within my center of my head. My Stereotactic brain biopsy showed the cells were abnormal…show more content…
It's going to cost an absurd amount of money, and I don't want to put my wife and newly born child through a financial crisis. I made good money as a principle of belterridge highschool, but very few people can actually fit in brain cancer within their budget. I had a manilla folder from my doctor containing all the information and treatment plans based on my diagnosis of cancer. I didn't even take a glance at it, I was still unable to comprehend to the fullest extent that I've been slowly dying. Then again, I don't think anyone can understand such a mystery. I took the manilla folder and threw it in my socks drawer and forgot about…show more content…
It's like it was foggy in the same place everywhere I looked. Curiosity filled my throbbing head to question why my vision was starting to fade. My doctor said that everything I needed to know was in the manilla packet, but I know if I looked in that packet I would find myself grasping onto hope that treatment can actually work for my condition. I slowly split the seams of the manilla folder and empty its contents. I read thoroughly about what having stage 4 brain cancer meant, and it was pretty clear that the chances of me surviving it were incredibly low, especially since the mass is in the center of my brain. I knew there was no hope, but there was a tiny light inside of me that is giving me courage to fight cancer the right way, and I think it is partly due to my baby Alex. Every time I think about her face I become full of adrenaline. I want to see her grow up, I want to be there for her as she becomes a grown women and watch her achieve great things. Not being able to be there for her when she needs me is the scariest thing ever. With this new found motivation, I will myself to get off my ignorant and lazy ass and give Dr.Kimmel a
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