Personal Narrative: Firework By Katy Perry

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I touched the microphone as the curtains opened and my nervousness kicked in. I took a deep breath and sang my heart out. It all started when I signed up for the school annual talent show. I was really excited to do it because I love to sing and I really wanted the prize you got for first place; a basket full of candy and joy. Ever since I could walk and talk I would stand in front of the tv and mumble all the words to every Mariah Carey song or a Alicia Keys song. My earlier childhood was a struggle. After my mom passed away I thought I lost everything. I went through an episode where I was so depressed and wanted life to end. I remember from a very young age finding music as my safe haven. Music was something I loved and i knew it would never…show more content…
The song I sang was Firework By Katy Perry. That song I loved because I could relate to it and it spoke to me. About two weeks before the talent show I woke up vommitting all over my bed. Gassping to breathe , I attempted to get out of bed , but I contuined throwing up. I I I called my dads name, he came running. He picked me up and broght me to the bathtub and called an abmulence.The doctor had told me that I had Camphylobacter- Enteritis: oftern refered to as a miled stage of food posioning. I could have died the doctors said if my dad had not taken me in. I thought ‘wow that is so scary thank you dad.’ It took a few days for the doctors to my vomminting under control. After about five days in the hospital I got to go home. When I got home I went straight to the shower because i stunk. After I got out i went straight to prcticeing my song. I did not stop because the talent show was coming and those days that hospital messed me up. On the night of the talent show I wore a black and red dress with black drees shoes. My hair was up in a bun. I also wore a necklace that had tow charms on it : one of them was a corss to represent my mom and the other was a heart with my brith stone. All I could think about was my mom and trying to stay calm. When I walked on stage the curtains were closed and I was introduced and then the crutains

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