Personal Narrative: First Memories Of Lazy Ozzie

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First Memories of Ozzie
“It's time you tried to fly”, said Mother Owl one day. -Lazy Ozzie by Michael Coleman.
I was six years old when I first started to read unlike my other siblings who read a little quicker than me, but my mom told me it was because I spent so much time in the hospital because of my asthma. So I stared at the eight oak chairs which were so much bigger than me and a very long table. As the tablecloth was brown with leaves and gold yellow braiding. Yellow was my favorite color so that's why I remembered that small detail. As wooden place mats laid very flat and shiny I was trying hard to read "it's an emergency", but my mind was wandering off to the half size China cabinet filled with every type of stuffed animal, all in
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The smell of Monterey Jack cheese, fresh Moutainair beans in the crock pot, and the sweet cake batter rising high but my mom's cakes always fell apart. The best part was that smooth chocolate frosting and just knowing milk would wash it down was enough to forget it would crumble. While the smell lingered in my nostrils nothing else mattered, but I bet Lazy Ozzie would have flew from the top of the barn nest without any assistance just for a slice of it. Just when I get back into it I know how the rest of Lazy Ozzie went and so did his mother but his infectious small cute face makes her only scold him, because who could ever be mad at such a cute owl. Before she closes the book the peacock approaches the back porch door picking at the glass saying he is ready for his salad that my mom went out of way to make sometimes as a treat. So I read Lazy Ozzie that whole time, and I knew it word for word but I was not lazy at all, just distracted by other things around me. Like the smell of what was going to be for dinner. Actually we should have called the book Lazy Peacock because he always expected dinner in the back porch and not outside with the ducks, chickens, and geese.
Finally with all that went on I learned how to read like Ozzie knew how to fly, so we both learned how to do something that we both didn't know how to before. Unlike Ozzie who was lazy but wise, I was wise but not lazy. By the time my mother had read it ten times over I knew how to read it, but I just wanted to be lazy and have my mother read it instead. Because it is much more fun when someone else reads you a book. Another thing I discovered at an early age about the book is that animals could not talk just neigh, bark, baa, quack and oink, so reading can teach you two things about fantasy and
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