Personal Narrative: Five Star General

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No favorites, they all belong to me! Looking down in the small toy box located right next to him, James stared at his six stormtroopers thinking just how perfect they are. He never gets tired of staring at their impressive white armor and admiring how ready they always are for any situation. James loved them all the same even though they had different personalities. He could never imagine his life without them. His troopers were the only thing that he could count on. They were his best friends. As a result of being an army brat, James moved around a lot and did not get the opportunity to make friends. As soon as he made a friend, he had to pack up and leave, which always made James sad. However, with the help of his troopers, he was able to get lost in his thoughts and daydreams and it always made the move easier on him. Additionally, being six-years-old, James' imagination could ran wild. His favorite was to daydream about being a Five Star General in charge of the Brooklyn Battalion. Of course, right next to him are his six Lieutenant Generals. They are always faithful and fearless in defence of James and the fort with all its citizens. In light of their bravery, all six Lieutenant Generals were awarded the Medal of Honor by the President of the United States for their personal…show more content…
Yet again, for the second time in eight months his parents sat him down and told James they have to move to Midland Park, New Jersey. Devastated, screaming at the top of his lungs, James ran into his room and grabbed his stormtroopers and curled up in a corner. He looked around his room with tears in his eyes wishing this was not happening. He does not want to move, because he was just beginning to feel comfortable and getting use to his environment. Understanding that there is no chance of him staying in Brooklyn, James looked at his troopers and whispered, “Here we go
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