Personal Narrative : Flying On A Horse

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Flying on a Horse

I sat perched on a horse named Sysco, waiting as the rest of the group in the arena mounted. I looked out at a sight I never got sick of: a horse’s neck up. I saw the two ears, mane, forelock, and head. The silky mane just waiting to be brushed. The face that is the best part of a horse, with its dark, caring eyes, waiting to know what you are about to do; and its mouth that munches on sweet treats and hay. The bridle leading to my hands, the horn, and the front of the Western saddle, were also in the beautiful sight in front of me.
I was at a mother-daughter horse camp, at Kidder Creek, a place near the Oregon border. I was ten years old, with my love of horses growing each day. Horses were my favorite animals,
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A girl in the arena time before us had a scary experience. Her horse had spooked at toilet paper, and her horse had cantered a bit. This happened when she was going around the barrels. Would the same happen to me? We also walked around the arena, near the edge. The entire time, I was living the moment, remembering the moment, saving the moment. I didn’t want my dream to end, so I enjoyed it and preserved it while it was still happening.
“I think you are ready to trot,” the instructor said.
All of a sudden my almost empty mind flooded with thoughts. Were we ready? What does trotting feel like? Will I be able to get Sysco to trot?
My mind flashed back to a scary moment. A family friend had two horses, but they were not trained too much. I was riding off a lead line for the first time, and we were just going around their big house. I was riding Jesse, a coal black coated horse. I was about to finish a circle when Jesse started going faster. He started trotting. It was only for a few moments, but the trot felt as fast as riding American Pharoah, the Triple crown race horse, and as bouncy as popcorn popping in a pan. The trot was something I wanted to do on purpose, not accidentally.
My horse stood at the arena wall, watching as the instructor showed us how to trot.
“You go into a walk, then squeeze your legs until the horse trots,” she explained. It is just like getting into a walk, just starting a gait faster, I thought to myself.
I watched as the
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