Personal Narrative- Following God's Will Essay

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Personal Narrative- Following God's Will

As James 2:26 tells us, faith without works is dead - part of living the Christian life is obeying God. God has given us many commands in His Word. Not only are there specific commands for all Christians, but God also promises to give Christians His Holy Spirit to guide us not only through various difficult experiences in our lives, but additionally in following God’s will.

God has commanded that everyone love Him first and foremost, above all things. He is our reason for living; only His Grace can and does save us from Hell. Second in importance to loving God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, is loving your neighbor as yourself. These two commandments, or “calls” are the ones
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These class discussions have given me great opportunities to share my Bible-based beliefs with my classmates. Also in school, I try and bring God and/or the Bible into most, if not all of the papers I write. This gives me a great opportunity to practice my writing and complete an assignment, but also to be a witness to my teachers. I’ve really seen God help me with both the essays and the discussions; He’s always right there beside me to give me the words to say. I’ve also put many of these essays, as well as other documents discussing my faith, on my personal web site, for the entire world to see. I’ve gotten many compliments from Christians, and I’m sure God is using the references to and quotes from His Word to change people’s lives.

Another way I have preached the Gospel to all the world – or at least in this area – is my participation in the Railroad Days parade and the March for Jesus events. In these events we sang songs of praise, passed out literature, and held banners proclaiming the Gospel. When I was younger I stood outside an abortion clinic with my family, praying that God would close its doors. I remember also holding a sign boldly proclaiming, “He Is Lord.” Although we got many dirty looks, God answered our prayers and closed the place a few years ago.

The Bible also commands Christians to correct one another when there is something in their lives (or beliefs) that doesn’t add up to Scripture. After September 11, my friend
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