Personal Narrative: Forced To Move

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Adaption, moving from one state to another, migrating like a bird but not just for season. Forced to live in a place at never even got to visit. Take the time possibly every two months to see the only family I have. Squeezing in a few minutes to spend time with friends I used to see five days a week. Remodeling my attitude, my whole lifestyle, because my dad received a job offer that doesn't even pay better that is first. Money was tight, making two house payments because no one would purchase our old house, but we needed to move for the start of school. I cried so much the day I left the place I knew as home. I felt as if life was over, forced to wear a mask, act as if I had to be okay with this transition just to make my dad happy. I struggled to fit in, only gaining attention because I was the new girl from Texas. Seeking to find a friend who I could confide myself in, express how my day was with, and spend time together with on the weekends. In lieu, I sat alone in my room deviating from the social media app to the other and scrolling through every tweet, picture, or blog. Staying at home every night while others…show more content…
I told myself to be confident, something I still have problems with, but it helped. I let go of the mask that made me seem like I had no problems and in doing that, some of my problems went away. I made friends that benefited me rather than a hurt me. In January I created a bond that could never be broken, I was given a best friend who would make sure I would never turn to my dark moments. I did things for myself and realized that I didn't always have to please others. I was growing as a person and always remembered that there is a positive in the negative. I made friendships, fell in love and had many different experiences that I will never forget. Although I went through such a hard time, I wouldn't give it up for the world. Through all the pain and the struggling, it has been a
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