Personal Narrative-Formal Analysis

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Since seventh grade I had a persona; it was a good one too. It lasted for three years and would have lasted longer had I wanted to. This persona however, was not a good one. On the outside it might have been, but like a mask, it covers up the truth. In the seventh grade, I developed depression. It may have been due to romanticizing mental illness or from the many hours I spent alone. Either way, I was sick and I could not let anyone know. Doing so, I created a mask that I would show the world. Someone who was nice and friendly and would be talkative. Clearly this did not last long as I was still not talkative, but still, nobody noticed. I had many different personas, that I wore for a long time. Because of this, I was able to forget about my depression. And for months, everything seemed fine. I was happy and normal.…show more content…
I felt miserable and alone with nobody to talk to. It would come in doses. For months I would be fine and happy then the depression would come and stay for weeks. I used to push people away and hide secrets from my friends and family. I felt that I had deserved the suffering. And I did not want anyone else to suffer with me. Again I put on the mask and pretended to be fine. I continued to wear the mask day in and day out, but this did not help my mental health in way or form. For years I wore the mask, creating new personas and experimenting with different traits that I thought would help me become a better person. Slowly the mask started to fade. It became difficult to put it on. So I stopped. I didn't bother with the mask. I didn't mind not being happy. I didn't feel at all. My friends started to take notice of the change but they accepted my answer of fatigue, and nothing changed. One day, the councilors came in to talk about mental health and in two seconds, I broke down in tears. Years of pent up sadness and frustration came
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