Personal Narrative: Four Years Of Work

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Four Years Of Work As I approach graduation I have been able to reflect upon the people in my life that have supported and influenced me over the past four years. The people who have been most influential in these past four years are my dad, my boss, and my eighth grade math teacher. My dad taught me to be hard working, my boss taught me to be adaptable, and my eighth grade math teacher taught me how to be organized. Although my dad has taught me to be hardworking these past four years I have learned a lot for myself. One trait that I have learned is to always be hard working, I learned this trait by watching and working with my father. When I used to work with my father I soon came to realize he was one of the hardest working people I have ever met in my entire life. One week I went to work with home for two days, he was doing a job by himself because his coworker called in sick. In those two days I saw him work for twelve hours straight only taking one break to eat lunch and the …show more content…

When you are adaptable to any situation you can find an answer for any question. I learned to be adaptable from watching my boss, he knows how to do so many things so many different ways. One day at work when I was so confused on how to do something. I was trying to learn how to take my skid plate off on the bottom of my car, so that I could change my oil. I was sitting there for an hour trying to figure out which bolts to take off so that I could remove the skid plate. Finally he walked over and said that I shouldn’t be looking for the ones I have to take off I should try and look for the bolts that I do not need to take off, and then I will be able to tell how the skid plate comes off. After he said that he got the plate off in less than 10 minutes, which made me feel like a fool but it also taught me to be adaptable to any situation by showing me how to solve problems in a different

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