Personal Narrative: Friday Night Lights

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A little girl was on her way home and decided to pick a flower for her mom, so she went over to a big patch of flowers that varied in size, color and smell and picked her favorite one. This was a very special flower, so the little girl carried it with pride as she continued her walk home. A robust gust of wind came and lifted the flower right out of her hand. The flower drifted into another nearby patch of flowers, and she lost sight of it. This flower then sat in a strange place with no one familiar in sight and had to begin a new life. I can relate to the flower considering that being a stranger in a new place and having to begin a new life is exactly how I feel every couple of years. My dad is a high school football coach and my family…show more content…
The majority of my seventeen years of life has revolved around the game of football, and moving. With my dad being a football coach, I have literally lived what many songs, movies and people believe and interpret as “Friday Night Lights”; where there is the notion that the entire town is immersed in football fever and every single person consistently supports their hometown team. I too have been consumed by this feeling, and I have just as much hometown pride as the next person, but in actuality I am in fact just a bystander, an outsider, who is only a part of the football revelry as a result of my dad and his profession. I believe I have been blessed. I have experienced things others may never have an opportunity to, such as running out of the stadium tunnel surrounded by the smoke of the fog machine and the players, riding the bus to the game on a Friday night with the athletic trainers, standing on the sidelines during a game and being a ball girl, spending time with players who actually do grow up to play professional football, observing the coaches firsthand and learning how to be passionate about what you do for a living, and how just one person or one situation can have an impact on a person’s life. I have countless wonderful memories of the people I have met and places I have been that have helped shape who I am and who I…show more content…
To some, moving can be seen as an unfortunate obstacle in life. To me, it is a familiar part of my life that has shaped me into a very sociable and accepting individual who can handle differences and change. I believe in the saying “home is where the heart is” and find it to be one hundred percent true. I have concluded that one does not necessarily need a hometown to make memories or feel loved, that is where the support of a good group of friends and family is invaluable. With a strong support system, anything is achievable. I am fortunate to have that support system through the love of my parents, my sister, and my friends. As I travel through life I continue to gain respect for relationships, the knowledge of others, and life beyond one town or one city. I am immensely excited about what the future holds and I am forever grateful for those that I have met and will meet along the
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