Personal Narrative: From Moving To A New School

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I just moved to a new town and i’m not the social type. I’m used to moving almost every year we move, but this year my dad said that we would stay (I don’t believe him), I just make friends and have fun then we moved. So this time I might make a few friends. Its the beginning of fall so I guess I get to start over like everyone else (I guess). So that means school is just around the corner so I guess it's time to start making friends.

I started to go to local parks and try to meet people when this girl named Emma saw me. She came over and asked (very rudely) “So loser are you new?”
So I responded “Yeah but why it doesn't seem like you like me very much. I’m just meeting Kenzie here.”
(I knew kenzie scenic we were kids)
“Lies don’t lie
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Kenzie, Sarah, and I had a few classes together. What was the worst of it all Emma had to sit next to me. The teachers thought that we would work great together, but they don’t know that she hates me and that we are not good friends at all. In the classes that Sarah Kenzie were in with me one of them sat next to me.

It was weeks into school and Emma still didn’t like me. She would come up to me or whisper in my ear that I’m fat, i’m ugly, I don’t fit in, or that everyone hates me. Then one day she started to kick me really hard in class,and poke me with pencils till. I would bleed. One day I just had enough and I just wanted to die. So the next day in class I let her do whatever she wanted to do to me I was just done.

The day I gave up was my Birthday October 30 ( The day before Halloween). Nobody remembered not even my dad. I guess he was too busy trying to get food on the table for me and him. Yes my mom died shes not with us with us, she passed away when I was 9, yea yea its sad, but i’ve gotten over it now my problem is Emma.

The day after my Birthday my dad asked about all my bruises on my legs and cuts on my arms and I lied and said that i fell into a thorn bush at Junior High. Sarah and Kensi asked about the same things that same day and all I said was
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The reason for the bruises and cuts are because of her, she threatens me and she is just a terrible person. This all started when we moved, but we can’t move remember.”
My dad just sat there speechless for a while, but then he said “Shaly why didn’t you come to me quicker” and that was the end of our conversation.

So the next day I came home with more bruises my dad thought it had gotten too far so he called the cops and told them what was going on and they went and talked to her and gave her a big fine and now we don’t see each other at all any more. So she wasn't allowed to come back to school for a month and had to do work at
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