Personal Narrative: From My Class To The Golf Course

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It took me seventeen years to understand how amazing reading and writing could be and what it could do for me thanks to one special teacher at my high school. When I was young, I would come home from school and wait for my parents to get home so they could take me to the golf course. During our drive, my dad played country music in the background and sang as loud as he could just to make me laugh. My mom just sat there and laughed at my dad and I because she knew I did not like country music. When we arrived, I jumped out of the car in record speed because I was so thrilled to hit gold balls with my friends. I spent hours on end at the golf course; my parents nearly had to drag me home. To some a golf course may seem insignificant, but to me…show more content…
My task at hand was to put my best foot forward everyday while her role was to mentor and uncover my potential within. My everyday basic training routine was to come to class and sit down with absolutely no talking. Mrs. Byrd told us our assignment, and then we would get right to work. Her boot camp style classroom assisted me by making me feel less anxious about how my thoughts would be transformed into text. Before senior English I struggled immensely with reading and writing. My ability to form ideas and to create a thesis statement limited me the most. Mrs. Byrd, however, shaped me into a scholarly writer by assisting me in whatever areas improvement was needed. Her class soon became known as my very own “English boot…show more content…
Byrd also transformed the way I read. Reading was always a little rough to me because I did not understand how the author wanted his or her words to be translated. It made me feel small because I felt as though everyone could read more fluently than me. I was worried that my classmates might laugh at the pace of my reading. We read 5 books the whole semester and a few poems for Mrs. Byrd. It was the way she challenged us to read and how fast we had to have it done that made an impact on me and made me a more confident reader. We received our first book, Night, by Ellie Wiesel. She gave us a week to read the book and it was about 120 pages long; which seemed like a lot to me at the time. We had to have at least 2 chapters read a night, and the next class period we would have a quiz on those chapters. That push Mrs. Byrd gave me enabled me to actually begin to enjoy the time limit she set because it made me feel confident in everything I was reading. The one-week time limit taught me not only how to pace myself and to read faster but also to enjoy the book at the same time. Now every time I have to read a book, I think back to that experience, and it makes me want to work harder to achieve my goal of finding meaning in the author’s
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