Personal Narrative: From The Gym To Real Life

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From the Gym to Real Life
I walked into a new gym, and I saw a guy hitting a volleyball harder than I had ever seen anyone hit before. In the next moment I saw him walking over to me before my practice started. He said hello to me. I was a 13 year old kid when I first meet KK Paela at club volleyball practice. After knowing KK for a year, he began to help me become a better volleyball player by fixing all of the mistakes that I was making. He told me how to improve my hitting by reaching my elbow up higher, how to become a better passer by keeping my platform out in front of my body, and to hit around the block instead of hitting right into it. Everything that he has taught me since the day that I first met him has made me the person that I
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KK has taught me to be a responsible person by helping me in the recruiting process. In the recruiting process he taught me that if I want people to look at me, I have to email them and call them myself. It would look bad if my parents kept calling for me because coaches want to know what I am like. I have had to take on a lot of responsibility in my life because I want to play college volleyball, and being responsible for my future is in my own hands. Not only did he teach me about being responsible for contacting coaches, he also told me that I need to keep up my grades. If I have a bad grade, then most coaches are not going to want me on the court to play for them. If I show that I can be responsible off the court, I can also show it on the court. Not only has KK taught me to be a responsible person in my life but also on the court. Being responsible on the court means that I need to do my job at all times. KK says this a lot during practice. If I do my job, then every other player will do her job. This allows our team to play at the be at of our ability. Being responsible means that people are able to trust me and that I am going to do what they need me to
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