Personal Narrative: Futureme Letter

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I just turned in an 8+ page paper! I need some ice cream. And a hot bath. I am seriously in awe that I did it. I dreaded this day since the start of class. Actually, I dreaded the 5-page essay because I didn’t know I would be writing a longer one. I need to stop looking at it since it’s too late now, but I keep noticing little things I wish could change. My daughter just asked how I felt and told me that looking after submitting will only make me sad. Instead I will reflect on the letter I wrote to myself in January. I knew when I signed up for this class it was going to be tough. My first class in twenty-five years! I was nervous and excited at the same time. I remember saying in my introduction discussion that I was “somewhat” excited to in the class. …show more content…

In fact, I’ve spent the last two decades saying I’m “not a writer.” So why now? I just turned forty-five and am winding down my years as a homeschool mom. With one child graduating this year and one in public high school that leaves just my 5th grader. Hopefully, I still have many years left to contribute more to society than just awesome kids. The Futureme letter was the first time I ever spoke my goals for the future “out loud.” Before I registered at Crafton I had three options in mind: counselor, Child Life specialist, and math teacher. I’ve thought seriously about all of them, but decided I am getting my teaching credential. Out of all the options it just feels right. Like after all these years teaching already, it’s only natural. I feel excited and positive about the possibility. Whether I go solely for math or a multiple subject credential is still up in the

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