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It’s been awhile between emails, but it hasn’t been an idle time for me - or for this world we live in that continues to face seemingly intractable issues. I’ve spent time speaking with hundreds of people, and rapidly upskilling, to creatively reimagine how ‘On Purpose’ can continue to cut through and reach many, for us to work together and be on purpose for good.

I’m excited to share with you our refreshed website, a creative new video that brings to life my passionate mission as a speaker and launch the Get On Purpose podcast!

I realised the challenges of writing a book, like On Purpose, aren’t what most people think. Sure, the deadlines are tight and the word count even tighter (which was a huge challenge for me!) and then there’s choosing a cover (don’t even…). But, the real issue is that a book is a snapshot in time and a one-way conversation - a soliloquy of sorts. The rude abruptness of a book ending also leaves some authors, like myself, uncomfortable with unfinished business, unstated ideas and unrequited conversations.
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From digital disruption to equality for all to conserving and protecting mother earth - and all the small stuff in between, I needed a way to continue the vital conversations with you, and guide you to discover the leader within to ignite just change.

So, I created the Get On Purpose Podcast so we can lean forward and keep the conversation alive, to challenge what’s possible for the unimaginable, and distil it all to make sure we’re not filling time with busy activities which may not actually matter.

One of the big questions this podcast answers is ‘how do you work, or run a business, or live your life and not get to the end of your day, or year, or worse your life and say what was that all
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