Personal Narrative: Gianna

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I honestly do not know why, but I love the name Gianna! It is just a really majestic name to me! Gee-on-uhh! I LOVE IT! If I have a child someday, (and if it’s a girl) I wanna name her Gianna! Or maybe even Katana! :O I LOVE THAT TOO! <3 I don’t know why but I love those names. Maybe it’s just a faze… OOOH! I just thought of another name I like! Mable… maybe. Yeah, I think I’m going through a faze, because I used to love the names Payton and Riley, but I suggested the name Payton to my aunt and uncle, because they were having their second baby. And when they took the name Payton, I didn’t wanna name my kid that when I’m older, because I thought i’d be awkward. So now I like the names Katana and Gianna! I don’t know why I don’t like the name
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