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Amazing. That’s the first thing I can think of. Now that I look back on everything I did, all the things I saw, and all the people I met I think to myself what a beautiful experience I had. From the moment I stepped outside the airport into the cold chilly night until I walked back to the airport in the hot rainy morning four months later everything was beautiful. Not only did I learn about Korea’s culture and language even more, I got to meet wonderful people that I will never forget and that I know I will see again. From the cafeteria lady that exchanged all of my coins to bills to the bakery couple that made bread every morning, I will remember them all! People coming and going you can tell Korea is a big place and full of much more diversity…show more content…
I created a PowerPoint that was broken into three sections; before Korea, during Korea, and after Korea. I talked about the important of applying to scholarships and of course the Gilman Scholarship. I showed them my budget and how everything was paid for thanks to the scholarships I had applied to and I then proceeded to show them the Gilman website so they could get familiar with it. It was shocking how many of them hadn’t even thought of the possibility of studying abroad and it was sad. I asked before I started how many had thought about studying abroad and at most three would raise their hands. That sadness would then turn to happiness when at the end of the presentation I would ask the same question and all if not most students where saying “Yes! I am interested in studying abroad.” We laughed and chatted away time but it was really a bitter sweet moment indeed. Bitter sweet because it shows just how many lives are affected by their financial situation and by the lack of education there is when it comes to financial aid. As they left I kept on repeating “if you ever need any assistance with regards to financial aid, university help, study abroad, or anything of the sort don’t hesitate on e-mailing me. I am here to help you guys,…show more content…
After that I had a couple of students come after class and ask how they should apply for college and how they could pay for it and how they didn’t have enough to afford their education, and all I could do was educate them the best I could. I am sure I impacted some lives because mine sure was. I am still spreading the word and it’s something I will continue to do whenever I get the chance because it is something everybody should be entitled to. My next step will be to talk to elementary school during Parent Teacher Conference to educate the parents of those young ones. I also provided my information to the study abroad office so that anybody with questions can contact me and hopefully I can also go talk to them as a large group and studying abroad in general. The more the merrier,
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