Personal Narrative: Girl Scouts

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As I have not been in the business world in a while, the organization I am most familiar with would be Girl Scouts. I was a leader for fifteen years as well as a Service Unit Treasurer for several years. As leaders, we had to be open and willing to work with a wide range of girls. Some had disabilities or religious beliefs that we had to understand and work with. For example, some of the girls celebrated the Sabbath on Saturday while others observed it on Sunday, so we had to plan weekend activities equitably. During cookie season, I would accommodate both groups by doing booths on both days so that all the girls could participate. Also, some of the girls did not observe holidays, while others had religious dietary restrictions. When…show more content…
As a treasurer, I had to deal with the rules laid out by Girl Scouts as well as the diverse backgrounds and personalities of other leaders. Our service unit was multicultural with a wide range of opinions, beliefs and expectations. Getting everyone to agree could be a long and involved process because the service unit functioned on an egalitarian level with everyone having equal say in decision-making. I would also say that the organization is very gender specific although they have made some effort to hire men, and they do allow men as troop leaders. Through it all, being sensitive and inclusive is a big part of scouting at all levels, and was greatly encouraged by the organization.
I would say that scouting is an example of a shamrock organization. The main Girl Scouts organization employs people to handle the overall organization and staffing, they outsource some of their work (such as baking cookies), and the largest leaf is the group of volunteer leaders that work with the girls. The leaders would be the temporary or contingent workforce because many leave as their child’s interests change. This comparison allowed to me to better understand and have a practical example of the shamrock
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For the last ten years, I have run my own school system which consisted of two students. In plain English, I was a home school mom and teacher. The advancements in technology helped me to research curriculum, made research easier for my students, as well as providing the opportunity to take on-line classes in order to create an individualized, well-rounded, and interesting educational opportunity for my children. If a question came up during class that I couldn’t answer, we were able to research it quickly and easily. Technology allowed my children to work to their fullest potential, and both have gone on to do well in
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