Personal Narrative-Go Cart Racing

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Go Cart Racing I like go-cart racing. I do it all the time at the Lake of the Ozarks. They have my favorite called Leman’s Carts. The strong odor of Gasoline and grease means you’re about ready to race. I was getting into my red go-cart. It had the number 99 in white with a State Farm logo on it. The back half of the cart was black. I really wanted my dad and my sister’s race cart. Their go-cart was painted like the American flag with the number 00 on it. My cart would have to do for now. My Uncle Dusty, Papa Corky with Anna riding, Brian with cousin Nora riding, and my dad and my sister Payton, were all racing. I was about to make memories happen. The first thing that took place was that the pit crew let Brian and Nora go out the gate

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