Personal Narrative-Grandma

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When a loved one passes, everyone says that they wish they had spent more time with them. The passing of my great-grandmother made me realize that spending time with family is extremely important, otherwise you might regret it when something happens to them. We spent a surprising amount of time with my great-grandma, even though she lived in Arizona, and I am extremely grateful that we did because her death was completely unexpected. She stayed in South Dakota briefly, and we took that opportunity to visit her, not thinking it would be the last time. Our family went to Sioux Falls for a cross country race and my great-grandma happened to be there for a very short time. While we visited her, my sister interviewed her for the IGS project and we got to hear her whole life story. She talked about her dad during prohibition, how her life changed during WWII, and the careers she chose. Her story made me think about what the life ahead of me had to offer and what I will go through. We had a blast spending time with her and before I knew it, we were saying our goodbyes, thinking that we would see each other again soon. Before we went to her apartment, I wanted to stay at the hotel and hang…show more content…
Eight of us lifted the closed casket off of the cart and into the hearse. As we followed the convoy to the graveyard, our family reminisced one more time about everything we could remember about her. When we arrived, I once again had to carry the casket and bring it to the place where it would rest eternally. You could smell the rain from the night before and with every step I took, mud would splash up around me. While holding the cold casket in my hand, I knew that I would have to spend time with anyone in my family whenever I got the chance. I never wanted to leave the graveyard that day, because that meant leaving her forever. My family grabbed a blooming flower from the casket and we left in
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