Personal Narrative: Gravity And Judging People

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It is funny how sometimes we are so quick to judge people. We neglect to believe that someone is different from what we see or hear, actively taking their right to the benefit of the doubt. But it is even funnier when the person you thought was rude and weird turns out to be the funniest and most thoughtful person you have ever met.
When I started tenth grade I had a nice group of friends, we talked about our favorite shows on Netflix and helped each other out with homework and such. I was happy with my group of friends. I would always choose them to be my partners on projects and only sat down with them everywhere, but my teacher decided that it would be nice to mix it up for a project and I got paired with a boy named Edwin. He was way out of my social circle so I barely knew him. Edwin was the smartest kid in my whole class but was a very quiet person and whenever I heard someone talk to him he would be very rude and standoffish. I was dreading to work with him, because since he was the smartest one out of the two of us I did not want to feel as
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He was happy with his friends and I was happy with mine and I can only imagine what he thought of me before he got to know me. When we got paired for the project I was very rude and mean toward him and I expected him to be rude to me like he was to other people. But when I told him that I wanted to do all the work myself said “fine” and laughed. I was so confused by his reaction, so I asked him why. He was so happy that he did not get paired with someone who wanted to take advantage of his smarts in order to get a good grade. We then came to an agreement on how we were going to proceed with the project and ended up getting a perfect grade. Throughout the time we spent together we became really good friends. I learned that we both like the same type of movies, comics, foods and even shared the same birthday. This project gave me a new
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