Personal Narrative: Greek Mythology

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As I march into my room, my desk is empty, ready to be used, and my laptop on the side ready to be furiously typed on. Around those objects are all the memoirs of my life from my worldwide travels. As I steadily approach my seat, my eyes meet the large bronze, medium silver, and tiny gold medals from my judo tournaments in elementary school. Those tournament memories were gradually fading from my hippocampus ever since I vacated my childhood home, France. As the light from the window slowly soften, my eyes shift onto the academic medals such as the Dean’s scholastic award which required endless efforts for a student in 11th grade that had to conquer the American culture and English language within 5 years whilst others did for more than a…show more content…
Attached next to those majestic books is the Ovid, a book I read in France, plunging me into the Greek mystical, comical, and satirical stories. I noticed these myths to explain the phenomena of nature, such as the seasons through the one-way romance of Persephone and Hades and the demising formation of animals through the legend of Circe. These myths integrated into my interest in science built from my parents’ research with the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). As I sit in my chair and grip my pencil to write my first name, the procedural memories I accumulated from calligraphy and essays flooded. Next to my paper is a compass with the initials of CERN printed on it as a souvenir of the Higgs Boson particle. When growing up, I was fascinated by their knowledge and their problem-solving process as they inspected minute things such as analyzing the force that causes the needle deflection in the…show more content…
The room darkens vividly, yet the scarlet light shines onto the red color of an anatomy book, Human Body: A visual encyclopedia. This book was obtained from my first visit to the Health Museum in Houston. As I saw the dissected hearts and the unread books full of information about my body, I formed a deep passion for medicine. I first was introduced through Greek Mythology and the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, who caught on the simple cures for diseases and formed a law that I believe to be quintessential, “Do no harm!” From this event, it encouraged me harder to continuously stand up after any hardship on my path to medicine so that I may aid others. The light now shined upon an orange and mighty lion and a glassy Coliseum garnitures gained from Turkey and Rome. Those tokens were obtained from strangers who simply wanted a young boy to smile and proved to me that kindness is a quality present among everyone. This move made me feel more deeply about the others I understand their struggles, feel their hopes, and respect their successes and failure. As I write my last name in the dark, I turn my lamp
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