Personal Narrative: Growing Up As A Coastal Christian

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Since I was a child, I loved making friends. Whenever I saw someone new, I would run up to them and immediately become best friends with them. As I grew up, I recall some occasions when I felt left out. I remember being so sad that they wouldn't include me. From that day on, I made a commitment to make everyone feel involved because that feeling of being left out was one of the worst feelings a young boy/girl could ever have.

Growing up in a small school has been such a blessing. It taught me the importance of including people. Many kids come to Coastal Christian because of the smaller environment and because they were left out at other schools. When someone new came to my school, I went out of my way to make sure that they were included. I wanted them to feel
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She is such a sweet girl and it hurt me to see her treated like that. My friends and I always try to include her and make her feel included. We all made sure to attend her birthday party this year, even though I wasn't feeling great because I wanted her to know that she had friends she could count on. One of my best friends, Megan, came to Coastal in the 10th grade. I remember meeting her at a baseball game before the school year started. I made a point to go talk to her and let her know that we were excited that she was going to be coming to our school. Ever since the day she and I had our first conversation, she not only became a part of the Coastal family, but a part of my…show more content…
Because Coastal is a smaller school, we have the chance to get to know one another better and create a true family. Having such a diverse range of kids has given me the chance to learn how to include everyone and the Coastal family is a family I will never
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