Personal Narrative: Growing Up As A Little Christian Girl

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rowing up as a little Christian girl. As a little girl I was ambitious, I was a leader and very outspoken. Growing up shelter is a good and a bad thing. This good Christian girl starting to encounter life experience. Being a teen mother at a such young aged. Not finishing my education. Just not being financially stable to care for a family. Having the fear of the unknown keep's you in those situations.

Growing up I always knew exactly what I want to be. I would always dream of me being in a court room fight for a cause. I didn't care what the cause as long as it was helping our community. One day all of that changed. In the first place, I'm 18years old and pregnant. My dreams have been shattered. My mother disowns me, because I have embarrassed the family. All her dreams and hard work went in vein. In addition, I have to start planning for a baby. What is that? I was angry because my mother never sat me down and explain what sex consist of. What is the birds
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I felt my children were my first priority. I stop attending school not understand that I was hurting myself and my family in the long run. I felt I could make it without attending school. I did make it! Not to mention, but it was extremely hard. There were so many times I want to go back to school, but my situation wouldn't allow me. One night, I said a pray,' Lord if you help me get a good paying job I promise I will go back and get me a degree." That prayer that night changed my life. I got hired at one of the largest hospitals the next day. I worked for that company for 12yrs then I moved on to bigger and better things. I've been with this company for 12yrs now. One day my job made me extremely mad. That morning I went an registry for school.That was 2yrs ago and that was the best thing that I could have done for me.I enjoy learning and meeting new people. Today, I wish I had did it a long time ago. I believe it's never too late to
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