Personal Narrative: Growing Up In A Christian Middle-Income Home

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Growing up in a Christian middle-income home, I had never experienced poverty and I assumed that it only really existed in other far away countries. Everyone I prayed for, played with, and talked to was exactly like me. I had no part in dealing with those different or less privileged than I, but one day all that changed. Mr. Holder was in his 60’s, and he lived in a trailer with no running water, electricity, or windows. His alcoholism was apparent by the countless beer bottles broken and scattered across the small yard, which he had purchased with the little money he had. He was one of the first people I met on my route delivering meals. The man that my family and I met that day could hardly stand, and was almost starving. He thankfully accepted the food that we…show more content…
God had shown me seven years ago that I had needed Him; That I was broken and needed a Savior. I was more like this man than I realized. Things needed to change. It was apparent that Mr. Holder needed to move, and a house was found that was cheaper and safer than his current trailer. With the new home, he would have running water, electricity, and someone to see to his medical needs. We told him of the house and how it was exactly what he needed, but he refused to go. Thoughts raced through my mind. “Really, why”? I couldn’t understand why he didn’t want this amazing opportunity. I still remember his words. He said that he would be unable to purchase the alcohol he wanted, if he was that far from the store. I couldn’t change his mind, only God could. So again, I prayed. In a few weeks, my prayers were answered. Mr. Holder said he would be willing to move, despite the distance from the store! I was overjoyed. I knew that God changed his heart for something good. Now he is on someone else’s route and I no longer get to see him as I often did. I hold on to hope that our influence and
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