Personal Narrative: Growing Up In A Home

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Growing up in a divorced household was difficult when I was younger. It was even harder going to my mother's house since she was an alcoholic. My parents got a divorce when I was about two years old. I didn't even know what it meant to get divorced or to be an alcoholic. I'm glad that they split up when I was younger because I don't remember them being together that much anyway. When my parents had my sister my dad had stopped drinking. My mom could not stop the drinking. When I came along my dad wouldn't touch anything that would contain alcohol. When my dad left my mom it was because of her drinking, he wanted there to be one good household. He knew that it was not dun for us kids, when our mother drank. She would get married to a man…show more content…
I could do whatever I wanted, have friends over, stay up late, eat what I want. It is what kid dreams of doing, but I have experienced that. I'm here to say that take pride and joy in parents that care and make you eat healthy foods and have rules. Being alone isn't fun that what I felt like all the time. I had nobody I couldn't talk to my parents because they wouldn't understand or comprehend what I was saying. The only one I could talk to would be my dogs they were the only good part about going over there. The best feeling was waking up Sunday morning and seeing my dad drive up in the big white truck. The only time I felt safe was when I was with my dad. I wanted to spend all the time I could with my dad. My dad knew that too, but he couldn't just take me away from my…show more content…
That's when my dad had the last straw with my moms games. He didn't wanna do this, but he had filed custody papers over us kids. That's when my mom "woke up" and realized that she finally had to stop drinking. If she doesn't she will not be able to see her kids without someone supervising her. That would be extremely difficult for us, but now they are sober. It is honestly the greatest thing ever. I would have never imagined my life being as good as it is now since they have stopped drinking and my parents can get along. It feels so good knowing that I can actually talk to my parents and know that they care and understand. My parents have really come a long way, it was hard for them and for us. We could have never made it through it if we didn't trust and love each
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