Personal Narrative: Growing Up In Elementary School

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Growing up in a predominate white town served a huge challenge for me growing up. Yes, my mother has as much diversity as a blank sheet of paper and my dad is black, but even though I am biracial I have never felt too deeply connected with either side growing up.

During my elementary school years, my mother would always drop me off at a before school program that was offered at my elementary school. Being the hardworking single parent she is, she left for work extremely early to pound in those hours to help support me. I remember being given stares because seeing white people with black kids was not the norm during the early 2000s. Children and parents would ask “are you adopted?” or give me “compliments” such as “wow you speak English so well!” assuming I was Hispanic or Latino.

Finding a friend group during my early years was also a challenge since I have always felt I was too black for the white kids, and too white for the black kids. There were not any other biracial kids growing up to relate to. I stood out and even though the teachers and staff in middle and elementary school preached to embrace our differences it was
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“Sorry” he started “I only like girls my skin color. They’re smarter and if you aren’t white you ain’t right”. My heart dropped and sunk deep into my stomach. The person who sat in front of me in English class, whom I let borrow my mechanical pencils, associated me as less smart due to my skin color. Heartbroken, I was upset and even though I knew people had dating preferences I was bothered by the fact that I was labeled as less smart. I strived for excellence in all of my classes trying to prove to people who had the same like-mindedness as Chris that people of color can too be smart and began valuing diversity. For me diversity was a safe place for me where I did not feel left out and wanted to meet more friends of different
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