Personal Narrative-Growing Up With T. V.

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It was about 6:45 in the morning and Jazmin has not slept at all since 8:00 pm last night, yawning she realizes the sun is barley making its presence. She has successfully pulled off an all nighter binge watching a T.V. show that is now considered one of her favoriets. With this she gains the urge to celebrate, setting down her dog from the blanket she has over her lower body the dog waddles down to his own bed and sleeps once again. Placing on her blue slippers to protect her feet she uncovers herself and is immediately overwhelmed with goosebumps over her tan skin. Making her way into the bathroom she brushes her teeth and stares at her reflection, her dark circles under her brown eyes only seem to be getting more noticeable by the minuet. Fixing her…show more content…
Slugishly making her way to the automatic sliding doors she made it inside, the air conditioned place sent chills down to her bones. "Noodles, noodles, noodles . . ." She muttered under her breath and finally found them on the fifth isle, grabbing the chicken flavoured cups and secured them in her arms. She waited in line for around four minuets, it felt like four years, she desperatly needed something digesting in her stomach. Finally outside in the real world, it takes her awhile to find out where her Dad managed to park the dirty blue Honda he's had since she was 9, but nevertheless she does and stumbles inside. The trip back home was like a roller coaster, a little kiddie like roller coaster. So slow. So long. It agrivated her. They made it home safe and sound, greeted by the loud short barks of her old fart dog, her Dad went back to sleep after cursing at the dog. "Thanks." She grinned at her Dad and manged her way into the kitchen setting up the cup under the hot water
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