Personal Narrative-Growing (Y/N)

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It has already been eight years since… that happened, and from then on I have stayed with Lucas, Ella, and Charlie, three kids that had rescued me. They found me lying on the streets weeks after the life I once had was burned to ashes, literally. I'm twelve now, and today's my birthday. (Month) (Date). I managed to fit in with everyone, and have become the "hunter" of the group, the one that finds our source of food. Due to my agility and wit, I can escape with ease.

"Morning (Y/N)!" greeted Charlie. The young boy has grown accustomed to me and opened up. Once I got to know him, he's actually quite nice...not to mention adorable. He's just overprotective of his friends, and fears that he will lose them again.

"Good morning! Quite a nice day
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However, on the walk to the bread store, I thought about the boy from earlier. He looked...very familiar as if I knew him from somewhere else. I just couldn't make out his name. Who exactly is that boy?

The Walker's bakery came into sight and I stealthily sneaked behind the bread stand and snatched four loaves of bread. One for each member of my "family", including me. It took the cashier a moment to realize what had happened and in a few moments, he began shouting at me to come back and return the bread. Ha, as if I was willing do that. No thief will return what they have stolen, at least, definitely not me. There are many people out there that need this bread, and my friends and I are a part of them. They are in need...of saviors that will never come.

I turned the corner and ran past two people. I caught a glimpse of an eye patch.

Not him again?! "Sebastian! It's that girl! Teach her a lesson for being rude and for stealing the food!" he shouted. Then I heard a faint, "Yes, my lord".

I ran even faster than I have ever before in my
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