Personal Narrative: Hannah Alpert's Love For Dance

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Within the first few moments of stepping out onto a shining stage, Hannah knew that dancing was going to be her thing. “I love being in a team setting, but not in a competitive sense. I’m really not a competitive person, but I love working with other people … I think I realised dancing and cheering and just dancing in general was one of my favorite things was in 2nd grade going out there, and seeing everyone was there to support you. I think it’s so great.” A former tap dancer, Hannah Alpert’s love for dance has translated well to varsity cheer here at Tam whose team she’s been apart of since freshman year. “They’re a bit different, but it’s still learning and memorizing choreography.” In both, however, the junoir has made close friends whom she says have taught her a variety of leadership skills, and have been a major source of support in everyday life. “For cheer we work until 5:30 plus games so I’ve made a lot of great friends. I’ve…show more content…
“They are gonna struggle and you have to be there for people throughout all of that.” A Mill Valley resident, Hannah lives with her parents, her younger sister, and an adorable Golden Doodle puppy. And In the future, she cannot imagine living without at least a few huge dogs. “ I love dogs... I kinda have to make that happen.” In addition, she loves the community sense and beauty of this city. “You see people at the grocery store and go Hey! That’s my neighbor.” Hannah is incredibly close with her younger sister, a freshman, who just started at Tam this year. Though she has given her guidance and help with the transition between middle and high school her sister has adjusted quicker and easier than she anticipated. “We’re really really close. We’re very different, but we’re super close. She doesn't need me as much as I would have needed someone, but I’m still trying to be
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