Unit 1 Written Assignment Analysis

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Hi, prof. Hays

this week there were no parts of the text which were difficult to read for me. In fact, although it has been passed a long time since I finished studying, I have to say that I can still remember many things I studied at high school many years ago. I got a high school diploma for scientific studies, and I am at easy with these things we're studying here, at least for the moment. I have just got some troubles in memorizing definitions: I have never been good at learning things off by heart. Luckily, I have no problems with formulas, and I have been always good in solving math problems, too. I'm doing all my exercises because I know that practicing is important, but I have to confess that it's getting rather hard to keep pace with
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So, I will take this chance to say that I'm finding this course very interesting, and I'm discovering some new things that I didn't knew, and I like it. For example, I wasn't aware that square root sign was intended to result always in a positive value. I learned it through your UNIT 1 Written Assignment solution. Till now, I was convinced that rad(4) could be +-2. Now I have discovered that the correct way to represent this is to write rad(x^2) = |x|. Is there a reason for this definition? Now that I'm asking, I am wondering if it would be correct to say that if we find x^1/2 then we could not translate it as rad(x), because we would limit the possible results. Is this…show more content…
I find that the book you chose is a very good one; other books I studied in the past were not so clear and interesting. Also, I appreciate the effort of the authors in showing the utility and practical aspects of mathematic. And I have to say that I found it very convenient for exercises to be presented immediately in the text and not in a separate place (I studied on books in the past which had exercises listed in a different volume!). The only thing I have to complain about is the lack of a free version of the book for kindle. I uploaded the pdf into my ebook reader, of course, but it is not the same thing. I can not increase the font size, for example, and reading the book in this way is a little annoying. I often study as I go to work, because I go with public transport, and it helps me to optimize my
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