Personal Narrative : Having A Perfect Christmas Eve

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I was having a perfect Christmas Eve, I had just hung up my stockings making every single thing straight so when Santa slipped down the chimney it would be perfect. While I was organizing Santa's cookies and milk I started to wonder, was Santa really real? Of course he was real because every year on Christmas Eve he would leave me presents under the tree. I had also seen pictures of him everywhere down town when I was helping my mama Christmas shop. He was also on all kinds of decorations and goodies.

Then I started hearing voices. I was really wanting to go see Santa and the voices were telling me to go find him. When I would talk to the voices they would answer me back. When I said I wish I could go see Santa, his workshop, and ride in his sleigh the voice answered back and said, "Why don't you go then?'' I tried to explain that I could not and that it was not that easy. The voice replied, "Just try on these Shoes, and take this Light in your hand, and you'll find your way all right.'' The shoes fit just right! So I started on my journey. It was like I knew exactly where I was going. I just wanted to sing and laugh, I was full of excitement. Then I seen a house at the end of a path. In every window there was a candle that lit up the house. I knew it was a sign.

I walked up to the house and before I had time to ring the door bell there stood a boy. He had slender legs and a roly-poly stomach. It was not Santa but he did have a really jolly laugh. He
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