Personal Narrative: Hayden

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The interviewing room is very small. The room consists of a large desk with two chairs. A desktop computer, several folders filled with colored papers, a basket full of writing utensils, and a bobble head lay on the desk. The door slowly shuts behind me as I gently walk towards the vacant desk. There is a very bright light shining towards the front of it, aiming at what looks like a picture frame. I turn the frame around and am shocked to see a picture of the mansion. How odd.

It was the middle of September, and my friend Hayden and I were getting ready to go on our daily walk. Hayden lives a couple houses down from mine. Our families have been friends forever, even his mother was in my parent’s wedding. Some people think we are related,
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While walking, my miniature American Eskimo runs from side to side on the road. I knew we never should’ve taken her, but Hayden loves her. I let it slide this one time, since Hayden’s birthday was a couple days away. Once our walk was lengthening, Pippy began to lower her interest on sniffing every leaf and piece of trash scattered around the road. Near the end of our walk, Hayden asked if we could walk a new route today. I didn’t mind, so we began to walk on a very long, windy road a couple of blocks away from our houses. This road is fairly used, but only by the odd people that live near the end of it. We began strolling down the slightly vacant road, stopping every once in a while to let Pippy pee at every single fire hydrant. By the time we had walked to the end of the road, the sun sat perfectly behind the mountainous hills. The sky was tinted with warm colors and a gorgeous baby blue that mixed perfectly with the pink and orange. “Hey,” said Hayden, “Do you see that dark object under the sunset?” I stared into the direction he was pointing and saw a dark building that was hidden by a nearby hill. Suddenly, Pippy sprinted towards the mischievous building, and her leash was swept out of my hand. Hayden began to run after her, but I stood still. “Are you coming or what?” Hayden asked. I nodded and followed him. I had a bad feeling about…show more content…
The house was dark. All of the windows were paneled with wood, leaving the slightest crack of daylight. However, the sun would soon no longer be in the sky, and the house would be pitch black. While glancing at the windows in the hallway, I heard thundering footsteps rising up the stairs. “Jilliann,” he said forcefully, “Look behind you.” I turned around and saw a little girl standing a foot away from me. She was wearing a long crème dress and all of her facial features were hidden by her knotty black hair. Suddenly, a cloth bag was pulled over my head and I was thrown onto the ground with a powerful knock to the
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