Personal Narrative: Hayley Tablet

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Then I woke up at 11 something and Alexis S. was there. So when I woke up we played on Hayley tablet and then Hayley and I wanted to play hide n’ clap with Alexis so we played. When we got bored we went up stairs and Alexis wanted to watch stuff on Youtube se we did. I was trying to mess around with Alexis by putting a stuffed animal on Hayley's tv. Then Alexis got mad and she looked me out of she room so I just sat by the door. Then after 5 minutes they let me back in. So then we all watched try not to laugh videos Hayley and I did not laugh but Alexis did. Then we went outside on the trampoline until Alexis had to leave. Then Hayley and I went downstairs played with the american girl dolls. After we got bored we played with a beach ball. When we got tired we played more of hide n’ clap. Then went back and played on the trampoline.…show more content…
Then we went home and watched tv and played around then went on a bike ride on a trail called buch willed life. Then we went to a gas station. Then we went
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