Personal Narrative: Heaven's Interruption

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I’ve begun to realize that not all interruptions are distractions. The hard part is recognizing the difference between a genuine distraction and a divine interruption. Sometimes we don’t know the true value of a moment, until it becomes a memory we will never forget. Heaven’s Interruptions
One day I had just gotten my favorite coffee drink from Starbucks and I was walking down Wilshire Bl. near our church. I was thinking about some of the important stuff that often fills my mind like how to reach more people in LA for Christ and what the NY Yankees should do about their current hitting slump. A newspaper headline caught my attention. It interrupted my thinking. It was a newspaper article on the international water crisis from UNICEF,
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We began working with World Vision, Compassion International, and other organizations like them. I invited Scott Harrison, the founder of Charity Water, to come speak to our church and tell us more about the water problem. He was so inspiring to all of us that as a church we were able to finance several wells with his organization. We funded a big water system for Watoto Childcare Ministries in Gulu, Uganda for their Children’s homes. We also built a ten-toilet latrine for a school in Peche Village near Gulu. And, the more we helped, the more we learned about the issues. The lack of clean water and sanitation causes 80% of all sickness and disease in the developing world, affecting more people than war, AIDS, and famine…show more content…
Providing access to clean water relieves this burden and unleashes the freedom to work, learn, grow, and dream. On average, women and children in the developing world spend four hours each day collecting water. When a child's day is spent fetching clean water or battling a water-related disease, attending school is simply not possible. We built a 10-toilet latrine for a school in Peche Village near Gulu. The burden of fetching water often falls on women, preventing them from working or getting an education. Walking long distances to get water increases the risk of sexual assault, and the lack of proper sanitation facilities is the main reason young girls drop out of school. Access to clean water helps women get the same opportunities as
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