Personal Narrative: Hi Mr Harveyberbullying

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Hi Mr.Harvey,
Right now I feel extremely stranded on what to do, I cannot even walk into the school without the fear of being attacked, or having my personal property wrecked, or simply being called down, and names. I'm so lost as to what to do, and I know you are trying to figure this out but it's time to start sitting people down and questioning hard because this is not fair to me to not be feeling safe, comfortable, or accepted when i walk through the doors. I am not innocent when it comes to bullying, I have done it before, but in the past 6 months you and even my parents could tell I've came a long way, I have grown from a 52% average last semester to over an 80% average this semester. It's sickening to me what's happening and is physically,
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I am super lucky that I have a family that supports me to no end, but how much can one person take. No longer is it one on one, this is many people on one. I don't know how much more of bullying and name calling i can personally take in before I reach my breaking point, as well as my family can handle hearing. It truly upsets me to no end on how the victim of a bullying situation has to step outside of the building rather then the group of people that are making others feel terrible about themselves. I can't wear clothing that i find cute because I'm called fat or told I look stupid, when I wear makeup I'm told I look like I'm cake faced or emo, when I do my hair I'm told I am just trying to impress people, when I wear short sleeve shirts everyone stares at my scars and calls me crazy, attention seeker. This has affected what I wear, and how I overall look on an every day basis, my self confidence for myself is so brutal because of bullying that's not just happening outside of school but as well as inside of school.. Tonight along with many others is a night where I am up past 12:30 AM trying to relax myself and stop thinking about what school the next day is going to bring, for long enough for me
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