Personal Narrative: Hi Operations Team

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Hi Operations Team! It's time to go to work. Well, we already have. Tomorrow starts the first day of staff professional development and the first day that we meet the new crop of staff for the 15-16 School-Year. Please make sure you build in time to arrive early. The day begins at 7:45AM for Operations. However, get in earlier. Try to target 7:30AM. It is imperative that we begin to build great habits now to form great character later. Consistent habits tend to form your character. Character is difficult to break. I takes 28 days to create a habit. A habits can be broken at anytime. My coaches would say, if you are not early, you're late. Be present during all meetings and bring a note pad and pen. No one should sit in the back. That's not who we are. Dress It is dress down. However, OTCs please be business casual. Presentation is key. Custodians, If you wear a t-shirt, please make…show more content…
This is a reflection of us. Eight now the Upper School has quite a bit on items block doors and in the elevator. Please move these items to prevent tripping. We talked about the schedule for the PD days to make sure that we are actively checking bathrooms and trash etc.. Check bathrooms in the morning and trash in the morning before starting the day. Check bathrooms every hour. Check and change trash at 12PM. Check trash again at 3:30PM or before you leave. Operations and Tech OTCs, you have done a great job of preparing the staff machines. Your work is not over yet. It's actually just beginning. We will give the option to distribute staff laptops in the US Lab and LS MPR from 11AM to 12PM. We will then begin our technology session at 12PM. Once the machines are distributed, we should be in place and actively checking in with staff to fix any minor problems. This includes, wireless connection, general questions etc.... Note the assignment status of each machine in column J of the new tracker in Google
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