Personal Narrative: Highway 99 And Paige Ave

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For some people they get a nostalgic feeling from a certain place or song with a memory and for me it's no different. Highway 99 and Paige Ave is what does it for me sometimes I drive by, and it all comes back. All of a sudden I can't help but smile, it takes me back to when days were much more simple. I and my dad in our old truck pulling into the motocross track and finding our friends, I jump out super excited as usual to race and see my buddy's. The smell of race gas floats threw the air and tickles your nose hair, as I put on my green and black gear and watch my dad get my dirt bike ready. Heading up to the starting gate, giant smile on my face just couldn’t wait to race. On the starting gate all of the bikes rumbling my eardrums and adrenaline flows threw my body.
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