Personal Narrative: Histor History

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Although, we both agreed on the fact that we fought we disagreed on how and where it happened. He thought that we were in our room when it happened while I said it happened when we were in the living room. I said we fought because of a hot wheels car and dollar and he said we fought over a tech deck (a mini skateboard) and a dollar. He also never recalled reaching for the “tech deck” or the dollar. He also thought this happened the the winter of 2009 while I thought it happened in the fall of 2009. I know my statement was correct though because in the winter of 2009 we moved to a different town and attended different school. The similarities between both of our stories was that we both agreed on the fact that he lost two teeth in our little altercation. We also agreed on the fact that I was around 8-9 and he was around 7-8. My brother and I both remembered that he lost at least two teeth and that he let me keep the money and the car. After analyzing both of our stories I came to the conclusion that we have more similarities in our stories than differences.…show more content…
History helps us to better understand our heritage prevent disastrous events from happening again and help us to learn how to become better people And a better society as a whole. We study history in order to learn from our ancestors mistakes. Learning about all the terrible stuff that has happened in the past can help us fix what's going on in the present and better prepare for the future. I think this project has shown me that there is more than one point of view and the way that you see something may not be the way someone else sees something it also helped me get a better understanding of why considering mutiple sides of the story is
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