Personal Narrative : Hockey, A Life

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Hockey, not just a sport, but, a lifestyle. Hockey is the one things that keeps me going from a day to day basis. I have been play for approximately six and a half years and hope fully many more. The sport itself has taught me many life lessons, some more important than others. But, there will always be one that sticks out to me more than others. It was a nine and a half hour drive and it definitely felt like it was way longer. On the way up my friend Gillian’s mom taught us hot to-do origami and showed us how to make paper airplanes. for a good three and a half hours we were interested in our ninja stars and paper cranes. We stopped multiple times for gas and to use the restroom. It felt like every ten minutes someone needed to go. At around 10:30 we all fell asleep, well except for the driver.
We rolled up to our hotel around midnight and shuffled through the hotel doors with saggy eyes and lousy body language. We hurriedly unpacked the van and got to our rooms for the night. The next morning we all met in the lobby and ate breakfast as a team. During breakfast our coach announced that our first game wasn’t until later that night so we were all going to go to Hershey World and make chocolate bars and tour the museum. It was about an hour ride into Hershey but one knew exactly when they were there because the whole town reeked of chocolate. We all piled out of the van as fast as we could and ran inside. The very first thing we did was go on the little ride
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