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When I was 14 years old my father told me if I want a pool to dig it myself. I accepted the challenge and began digging. I dug endlessly into the earth until black water began seeping from the ground. I had no idea what this substance was and I quickly yelled for my parents. As I rushed out of the hole, neither of my parents could speak as if they had seen a ghost. Four months later, my parents got into a fatal car accident. This unfortunate event left me and my brother alone with my aunt. Turned out the black substance was oil and my parents left me the rights to it. This is the story how I made a billion dollars.
Nine years later with the successes of having a billion dollars and partial ownership of an oil company, I vowed to promote change
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My first great impact was creating hospitals with a new sustainable business model that can treat everyone regardless of their immigration or insurance status. With the support of the community, we managed to force the “evil greedy” hospitals out of business and open more locally and expand to Miami. I envisioned that by creating these hospitals, we can convince other hospitals to treat all people without money being the issue.
I founded the University of Success (UOS) which is a tuition free college that helped students obtain a degree without the financial burden of high interest student loans. The University offered the same curriculum as a local college or university without the high cost. UOS partnered with local high schools to earn college credits. These college credits are recognized by the State Board. Once completed students can then test for their State Boards and start working in their Careers.
Furthermore, making money wasn’t an issue for me. I saw how most of my family were still unfortunate. I began making trust funds and helping them become great. I was inspired to help them become financially independent. I started a family owned medical marijuana dispensary, established a revolutionary medical treatment using cannabis and employed some of my family to this successful
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