Personal Narrative: Homecoming Week

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My reflection was pensive as I stared at the window. I found myself sitting in homeroom. The lights were dimmed with only the soft disturbance sound of scratching pencils and tapping rain. My notebook was opened, and on a page, I had sketched the house I had seen on Friday. The third door. I hadn’t seen Gemma since the experience. Aside from an early morning glimpse, afar, as she floated off toward class. She appeared exceptionally distraught after the last experience, though I couldn't blame her. But I had a suspicion she didn't want to see me, converse.
I closed my notebook and breathed out a sigh. This week was homecoming week, the big game was on Friday, and the dance was on Saturday. Today was Monday.
I still didn’t have a date for
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With some very important announcements. As you all know, this week is homecoming week! Wooh hoo! Let’s give our team a round of…show more content…
There was no escape now, however, as the mass of students came pouring out of classrooms, sending them their exaltations of cheers and praise.
“Big Jare man, congratulations!”
“Hey, Jared! You gonna win the big game on Friday?”
“East Bay!”
“You guys are gonna crush!”
“I nominated you!”
I nodded gratefully and quickly escaped to a nearby water fountain. Too much attention made me feel anxious. Which I was all too aware was a deviant stereotypical trait for a "football jock." A homecoming king. I had just leaned down to take a sip, when just then, in my peripheral, I spied a pair of black boots, tapping.
“You know, for being so popular, you’re actually kind of hard to find.”
Leaning up against the lockers beside me, was Celeste’s dark eyes and black grinning lips.
I stood up and wiped my mouth with the corner edge sleeve of his letterman jacket.
“Hey,” I cleared my throat, “Can I help you?”
“Oh, of course, can I help you?” she exasperated, clearly offended. “Because apparently, every girl needs a man to help her. Well let me just tell you, I’m not one of those obnoxious girls that fawn all over
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