Personal Narrative: Homosexuality And Civil Rights

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Everyday I walk outside and take a seat on my bench. Me and this plain bench have seen the world in ways no else has. It's because we are the only ones aware of our surroundings.
Today we observe the laws of the land play out. Every action taken by a person here is controlled by strict laws preventing homosexuality. At this point, no one realizes it or remembers their purpose, but instead it's just a part of the routine. They are normal citizens following their government’s word. I silently watch a father walk past me holding his daughter's hand. She’s wearing a lilac dress that floats with the wind as she skips down the sidewalk. The father smiles down at his daughter recognizing the same childish disposition that he once possessed.
Other families pass me on their way to work. The mothers
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Therefore I sit here all day pondering about the things no one ever sees. Two men holding hands. Two women embracing, hugging. Only a man walking with a woman. No one dares to walk with the same gender out of fear for their life these days. We are all constantly being watched. If I were to be caught hugging my sister, I'd be accused of treason. That's how the government categorizes these “gay” actions. From my years of living I have learned that the real reason is out of fear of the “homosexual agenda”. I have yet to figure out what exactly that is. I've heard rumors that it was a government takeover. Treason. If that's the case then maybe what they did wasn't so bad. But I've never gotten to know a gay person before. I can't tell the difference between the truth and a lie when it comes to them. I've only had one experience with one. I was taking my night walk down the street towards my house when I saw her. She was being chased by a shadow. A man covered in black slowly making his way towards her. He floated down the street with such ease as the women struggled to catch a single
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