Personal Narrative : ' Honey, Are You Alright ! ``

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“Honey, are you alright!? Did you hear what happened today? What did your school do? What did they tell you?” My mother said quickly as ever after a huge embrace and sigh of relief. I just walked through the door of my townhouse in Alexandria. Today is September 11, 2001. What started out as a normal day turned into one of the most tragic days in American history after I got to school. “Yes mother, I am fine. Where’s dad!?” I asked intently. You see, my father works for the US Department of Defense and he had been there, in the pentagon, when the crash took place. “Your father is in the hospital…” “Are you serious!? What happened?” “Well you see, Joey, your father’s office is dangerously to the path of the airline… and some piece of…show more content…
The smell of a dirty old medical facility mixed with the constant noise of beeping coming from throughout the hospital created a very depressing atmosphere. The nurse then led us to the room dad was in. While we were there, the nurse talked for what seemed like 3 years, but I couldn’t stop gazing at my father. He looked like he had gotten in a fight with an angry stray cat! He had cuts on his face and arms, scratches on his leg, and his head was covered in a huge bruise that spanned from his left eyebrow passed his hairline. He had an IV hooked up to his wrist and an oxygen tube set up to his nostrils. I had never seen him like this before. I couldn’t express how I felt into words. I felt the tears forming back in my eye again, but this time I didn’t hold anything back. My eyes were waterfalls streaming down my expressionless red face. When the nurse finally finished what she was saying, my mother and I got back into our car and headed home. I couldn’t shake the depressing image of my beat up father. Then I began to think of the people who attacked the Pentagon, and my fist started clenching by my side. This time, our car ride was in complete silence. My mother said that my father had to stay the night at the hospital so they could monitor his brain waves or something… I wasn’t really listening. I was caught in a whirlwind of sadness, anger, and grief. When we reached our townhouse, I ran up to my room to get away from the world and zone off

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