Personal Narrative: How A Mom Changed My Life

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Anyway, I hadn’t been allowed to have the puppy in the house, and of course I would never ever sneak him in whenever my mom was out— sshh, don’t tell anyone— but I did see the faces the little guy made when he wanted something from Kara. All in all, back then, I believed it was tough to be a kid, but having a mom like mine made everything a bit easier. That’s why I’d always wanted to be like her. I’d wanted to make people happy, make them forget about their worries for a while, be their sunshine, as she was ours. There had been only one teeny-tiny issue… the blaring fact that I didn’t have a golden heart because I was never good at being peaceful or graceful, where my mom, on the other hand, was the epitome of those traits. It wasn’t my fault
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